Friday Five: Wrap It or Cap It

  1. What did you last stick a sticker on? I think myself/Paul when we went on our Kentuck Knob tour.
  2. What did you last put a lid on? The Italian dressing I used on a salad I made myself.
  3. What did you last wrap in foil? A potato, which I then baked. That was probably last week.
  4. What did you last unscrew a screw out of? Me personally, I’m not sure. But I had Paul take a look at my medicine cabinet after I accidentally knocked the bracket off that keeps it closed, and he unscrewed the back on the door to see if we could fix it. He concluded it would require welding, so my mom gave me little adhesive velcro things instead.
  5. What did you last hold together with tape? Probably a package of some sort from something someone bought off of me on eBay. Clean out apartment, make money.

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