Friday Five: Wheeling and Dealing

  1. How would you rate your negotiating skills? Not amazing, but I could handle it. But they’re not exactly skills I use often, so they’re probably rusty yet I could be underestimating myself.
  2. When you were most pleased with a transaction involving a trade of items or services? I have no idea. Probably when I traded Pokemon cards as a kid, because I don’t know that I really do much trading of items or services this days.
  3. What’s something you happily overpay for? Generally anything I know to be high-quality or from a good source. I’ve mentioned before on Twitter that some of my Etsy purchases are probably overpriced, but it’s good, handmade stuff and most likely small businesses/crafty individuals.
  4. What’s something you acquired at an incredibly low price? I haven’t gotten any big, expensive items for really cheap, but I’ve gotten a good bit of little things pretty cheap. With eBay and Amazon, I’ve gotten books and CDs for a penny. Stuff like that.
  5. What have you sold or traded at greatest profit, either percentage-wise or dollar-wise? Nothing substantial, really. I sell old junk out of my apartment that I don’t want anymore and am occasionally pleased with how much people are willing to pay for it, but I’m not really making any profit from it.

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