I love Halloween.

I went to Paul’s Friday evening–after a quick trip home to gather supplies–and we had dinner then tried to take a nap before the midnight performance of Rocky Horror just outside of town. I’ve been seeing Stage Right do the show for something like 10 years now, aside from a year or two where I wasn’t able to go, and it’s so nice and convenient that Paul lives 10-ish minutes away now. It makes the trip so easy.

Paul napped no problem. I never fully fell asleep, which I blame in part on his snoring. But I did a pretty good job of not being totally worn out, so I’m happy.

I wanted to get there around 11:30 since the seating wasn’t assigned. We got there slightly later at about 11:40, and the place was already packed. Virgins were swarming everywhere getting spanked onstage, and Paul ran into a guy he plays Magic: The Gathering with in town, who they call “Too Tall” because of how tall he is. He’s taller than Paul, and Paul is 6’4″, so he is indeed too tall. We decided to sit near him.

Now, after we saw the movie with Leah last weekend, we’d gone out and had food and beers with Fr. Bob, who had dressed like a Muslim. While we were getting situated and girls next to us commissioned me as their photographer, I did happen to notice a man onstage dressed as a Muslim but didn’t think much of it. And then as I saw him make his way to the front of the stage, bend over, and get spanked by the show’s narrator with a riding crop, I realized that the man was Fr. Bob. We chatted with him briefly at intermission and after the show. He told me Allah did not approve of my “slutty” attire, which is fair–I was wearing a bra with a vest overtop and shorts that were practically just underwear. But he did say he had fun and enjoyed the show. Apparently, Leah helped talk him into going, and the mayor of Latrobe and a limousine were involved.

The show was excellent, as always, and was actually probably one of the best I’ve seen them do. The crowd was rowdy as hell from the start–a total shit show. Everyone was clever and funny and energetic, and the cast was talented as always. I assume they spend rehearsals getting callback lines yelled at them, because I don’t know how else they’d be able to spend the show in character without laughing. The narrator, of course, was an exception, as people got him to laugh multiple times.

I went to my parents’ house Saturday to help with trick or treat, like I usually do if it doesn’t conflict with Rocky Horror. I used the hours before that started to head up to the winery with my mom and Duke to pick up some wine Paul and I wanted, and like a classy lady, I tore into one of my bottles while I ate leftover Halloween candy. And we had quite a bit left over. We probably only handed out about half of our 50 treat bags, and we suspect this might be because a lot of the neighborhood kids are approaching their teen years now. And a lot used to obviously bring friends and family, who are all getting too old to trick or treat, too.

As a result, I came back to Paul’s yesterday with tons of treat bags, and I’m hanging out there now enjoying a three-day weekend. I’m working Saturdays this month, so I get Mondays off. Here’s to hoping it’s a productive day for me while he’s at work.


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