Friday Five: Non Sequitur

  1. What’s your sneeze like? Just like a typical sneeze, really–“achoo!” But my brother’s is much more dramatic. It’s more like a “WAH-PBHT!” so I make fun of it a lot, which makes his girlfriend laugh in agreement and makes him get annoyed and insist he doesn’t sneeze like that. But he does.
  2. How’ve you been sleeping lately? I’ve been getting to bed late, but once I’m there, I pretty much sleep like the dead. In fact, a transformer blew up barely a block away early this morning, and I slept through not just that but the police and fire department arriving. I found out about it on the radio. But that’s how I usually sleep, at least at home. I normally don’t wake up much and sleep sound and heavy. When I travel, though, and even at Paul’s because he snores and we squeeze into a single bed there, I wake up a lot and wake up easily.
  3. What was your last stroll like? An hour-long walk down a trail in Greensburg with Paul. It was nice. Good exercise. Chilly and pretty foliage but not unbearably cold.
  4. What was the last thing you watched on YouTube (feel free to share the link!)? I’m pretty sure it was Jason Schwartzman telling ghost stories on The Tonight Show.
  5. When did you last get something in right at the deadline? Probably recently at work. I normally get assigned shows that are due same day, sometimes by like noon, and I usually finish them up mid- to late-morning. Yesterday, I had half of a movie that I got in just under an hour before its deadline.

As always, from The Friday Five.


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