So, Thanksgiving was pretty nice a low-key–especially compared to last year’s mess. But Paul’s grandparents’ dog  Woody was really excited to see me and seemed to love me, and I like to think it’s because of last year’s mess and he remembers me. And maybe wants me to liberate him.

I went to my parents’ place after work Wednesday and basically just hung out until we had an early dinner for Thanksgiving. Paul came over, we hung out some more, and then we headed over to his grandparents’ place. Sure, there was a little yelling and the annual tradition of no one knowing how to actually cook a turkey–I mean, I’m a fucking vegetarian and I could probably do it better–but overall, things went well.

Paul came to my place after and stayed here all weekend. Since I’m on Saturday rotation this month, I didn’t bother asking for Friday off, and I didn’t really mind working two days, being off for one, and going in for another two.

Paul was in a very appreciative, romantic mood, which I attribute to some health issues with his mom that are fortunately leading to her seeing a therapist, but that’s not my story to tell. Suffice it to say that they’re not huge, but it’s enough to kind of rattle him–not that that’s hard to do–and I came home to a cleaned bathroom Friday and dinner Saturday. Which may have been a factor in the large amount of sex we had over the long weekend.

We made a quick trip to the mall, since my mom is on a mission to find Brandon a certain Pens jersey for Christmas and isn’t having any luck. I didn’t find it, either, but I did buy more underwear I don’t need from Victoria’s Secret. On that note, Terra and I have concluded you men need an equivalent where you can get nice, soft undies and maybe some sexy things, too. We spent Sunday going out to breakfast, getting my groceries, and watching Netflix.

I wanted to take Monday off–the downside of Saturday rotations, other than having to answer the phone and caption commercials, is that when it ends, your only day off for the weekend is Sunday, since the rotations start the first Monday of the month. But the list was full. But since I want that time off and I have shit tons of vacation days to use before February, I decided to take today and tomorrow off instead.

And yet I’ll still probably have a surplus of vacation days that I’ll just lose.



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