Friday Five: Shenanigans

  1. What’s a memorable prank you were involved in, either as perpetrator, victim, or witness? I’ll give you two. In high school, the Craigs embarked on a bizarre, hilarious, and probably inappropriate and creepy string of pranks on our teachers where we left random objects on their doorsteps/yards, including everything from pool noodles and beach balls to salvaged landscape paintings with various photo printouts glued onto them. The items were often accompanied by anagrams–because The DaVinci Code was a thing at the time–that when deciphered were messages of love. As for the second, my parents and brother conspired to pull it on me. Brandon was out with friends and my parents were going to the funeral home for a viewing for someone, and the plan was to let my parents know if/when Brandon needed picked up so they could just go get him–and that’s what they did. Except they decided not to tell me and prank me instead. After they picked Brandon up, he called me in a very convincing panic saying that one of his friends got caught shoplifting something small from Hot Topic and he needed someone over 18–which I didn’t think made any sense, actually–to come pick him up from security, and he begged me not to tell my parents. So I yelled and lectured him over the phone about his dumbass friends doing stupid shit, especially because his friends at the time really sucked, and I agreed I’d get him and would cover for him but insisted his “ass was mine.” So my parents come home, and they’re in on this/orchestrated it, so I’m like, “Oh, Brandon just called, I’m gonna go get him,” and they’re like, “Oh, we can go,” and I insisted I would go. And I go down to the garage and Brandon’s down there. My favorite part is that my mother actually liked the fact that I was willing to cover for him.
  2. When did you last fool someone into believing something untrue? I’m pretty good at making stupid little comments that Paul thinks are true, but I reveal the prank almost immediately. I’m a huge fan at the moment of pretending to find weird things under his bed.
  3. What was a secret you accidentally let slip? Ha, the secret itself isn’t really fair to the parties involved to put on the internet. But I’ll say this–my parents are smart and savvy, and it’s hard to keep things from them because they almost always figure it out…and in some cases, find out by pretending they already know. Come to think of it, that runs in the family.
  4. What’s a memorable thing you did when you should have been at work or school? Well, as for work, I don’t call in sick when I’m not actually sick, but I’ll use vacation days so I can sleep in after concerts and things. I used vacation days to go to Mexico and South Carolina. I did skip school on occasion in college and high school, but I didn’t really do anything exciting. I normally just needed a day to relax and recharge–Terra and I used to call them “mental-health days,” and I’m grateful that my parents would let me just skip and sleep in and stay home every so often when I didn’t have a test or something.
  5. What’s a nice thing you did anonymously for someone? I can’t think of anything I’ve done anonymously, honestly. I donate money to people and things and I try to do little acts of kindness and pay things forward, but I don’t think I’ve ever done something like that anonymously.

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