This weekend once again brought Steel City Con. It feels like I was just there. Those four months flew by.

I spent the night at my parents’ house Friday, where we played Cards Against Humanity and drank. I was there due to a morning appointment to get my hair cut–I didn’t want to drive to that from my place, then to Paul’s, then to Steel City Con, especially since there was the possibility of a pit stop to pick up Josh and Emily.

Ever since I first took Paul to Steel City Con, he’s been saying that they would love it and he wants to take them. It came up over Thanksgiving, so we actually brought them this time. And by the end of the day, I was glad I spent Friday night at my parents’ house–it ended up being a lot of driving.

We had lunch at Green Mango, as usual, and I would’ve conceded and gone elsewhere (or, like, gotten takeout for myself) if Josh and Emily hadn’t wanted to go there, but Paul kind of talked them into it. Even then, the only issue was Josh–I get not ever having had Thai food, but the kid’s never even eaten Chinese before. And he’s a picky eater, which I didn’t know. If I did, I would’ve proposed a different restaurant from the start, but I think Paul and Emily got kind of irritated with him and I know Paul thinks he needs to get out and do more and try more things. And I can see that–he spent most of the day when we weren’t walking around the con playing on his Nintendo DS. Emily actually told him to put it away while we ate, and he was glued to it the whole time in the car. Emily will talk, Josh won’t.

Emily is also probably my favorite. Paul’s been showing me this stellar vampire anime, Blood+, for a little while now, and he and Emily binged-watched it some time ago, so we end up talking about that a lot. And you’d think two people who have seen the whole thing versus one who hasn’t would get boring and dicey, but I think it’s a lot of fun, because I keep bouncing my theories off of them. And I always think it’s fun to be on the other end of that. And Blood+ is fun because there’s secrets and conspiracies and unraveling mysteries and I ship Saia and Haji so, so hard.

Steel City Con was pretty cool, as always, but the admission is getting expensive. 20 bucks is a lot, especially considering a huge chunk of the con is vendors. It’s probably more worth it if you’re going to see celebrities, but even then, most of then charge for autographs and pictures, so it feels like you’re spending money to be awarded the privilege to spend more money.

That said, I did have a good time and I’ll probably just keep going. Rumor has it Patrick Stewart is in talks to attend the next one. I’d bow at his feet and cry.

Also, I did a little Christmas shopping–found Terra a handmade baby Groot that looks cools as hell and one of the many Cowboy Bebop soundtracks for Paul.

And then I lounged almost all day Sunday.

We ate


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  1. I will reimburse your admission if you get a photo of you bowing at the feet of Patrick Stewart and crying. I’m not kidding. 🙂

    We all kind of inherit the world our parents create for us, and for a lot of us, we don’t experience anything cool outside that realm until college. Because my dad doesn’t like broccoli, I never even SAW broccoli until it was in a stir-fry I ordered on campus in college. I held it up with my chopsticks and asked the guy in the next booth if this was broccoli. He said yes, and then asked me what country I was from. Ha ha. Then he said, “Eat it. It’s delicious.” Which of course it was, and it’s probably my favorite food besides rice or pasta.

    So yeah. Keep encouraging your friend to try new stuff. Geez, not even Chinese food? That’s just ridiculous. How’d he like the Thai? Thai food is so awesome. Now I’m jonesing for Thai, and I just had it for lunch Saturday.

    1. I’m guessing it’s a combination of his pickiness with the financial situation of the family–he’s my boyfriend’s younger brother, near the younger end of the six of them, so money was tight and they didn’t go out a lot.

      He got a seafood dish with brown sauce and vegetables, which he seemed to like but I don’t think he loved it like I do. I encouraged him to try my pad thai since I think that’s kind of a more accessible dish, but he wasn’t interested.

      Emily, on the other hand, really liked it and had a hard time narrowing down what to get.

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