Friday Five: Big Latin

  1. Ad infinitum is Latin for “to forever.” What’s something in your life that continues ad infinitumWork and Paul’s mother being irrational and difficult.
  2. What’s something (mostly) only fellow alumni know about one of your alma maters? I think my favorite is how upperclassmen at Geibel used to tell freshmen that you could get to the pool by taking the elevator to the third floor. None of those things exist. For my college days, I’m a fan of vast disapproval of things like tuition going up while the library got new teak furniture.
  3. In what way did you carpe diem today (or yesterday, if you’re doing this early)? Well, it’s an unseasonably warm day, so I’ll soon be taking advantage of it by going out for a walk with Paul.
  4. In flagrante delicto means “in a blazing wrong” or “while the crime is blazing.” What’s something you remember being caught red-handed perpetrating? One of my first adventures in underage drinking was at Sarah’s house, and her brother-in-law came over early the next morning and we had bottles all over the kitchen table. With no time to clean up or cover our tracks, we threw a blanket over the table. Despite suspicious bottle-like protrusions, he didn’t question a thing…so technically, we weren’t caught.
  5. What is so far your magnum opus (great work; masterpiece)? Probably the 40-page manuscript I had to do for my capstone in college, but I’m also pretty proud of everything I’ve put out there, from the blogs I’ve maintained to the writing I’m doing semi-professionally now, including the work I’ve put into Inyourspeakers the last few years–even though I just resigned as managing features editor.

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