Christmas was nice, despite me having to work due to what I think was a miscommunication/me missing the announcement of how holidays vacation time would be handled.

I went home after work, got ready, then met my family at my Uncle Vince’s house. The one advantage to me working was having a shorter drive over from my place, although the disadvantage was then having to drive back to my parents’ house after 10:30 mass. Because I guess local Catholics don’t have it in them to do midnight anymore. I prefer it, although I don’t have the energy for it unless I power nap in the afternoon. 5:30 a.m. wakeups are a bitch.

It was a nice time hanging out with the cousins and significant others, eating and playing Cards Against Humanity. We even opted to play longer over opening presents, and we did get some gems. I think my favorite might be this nice lace shirt with a skull on the back from Aunt Gina and Uncle Richard.

I spent the night at my parents’, and after we discovered last year that Duke runs right into the living room to get his presents, my mom didn’t put his out until he was out taking his morning bathroom trip so we could see his reaction this time. He’s like a little kid–he runs to his own stuff, plays with everything, then looks to see what everyone else got, probably because he hopes we’ll share.

My mom got me some pretty cool stuff–a handcarved wooden box from my Etsy list, giraffe bookends, Wizard of Oz bath soaps and bombs, a nice new wallet. Another highlight was 1001 Albums to Hear Before You Die from Brandon. I thought I had a well-rounded musical background, but I’ve heard only maybe 20 of the albums in that book. I have a lot of work to do.

I got Brandon some Magic cards, got my dad a Harry & David gift set, and Brandon and I combined and got my mom some nightshirts, Stevie Nicks’ new album, Snoopy cups, and two scarf-and-glove sets.

After lounging a sufficiently long time and eating breakfast, I headed to Paul’s parents’, where I ate and lounged some more, fell asleep in Paul’s lap in the armchair, and then in my tired, half-asleep state swatted his hand away like a bitchy little cat when he tried to touch me affectionately.

And then I came home, back to the work grind…if only for a day before the weekend.


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  1. I love that 1001 Albums book, and am determined to listen to each one (five times each) and do a short review. I made that decision a few years ago and haven’t really done it yet, but this might be the year. We should compare notes, ‘though I think mine is an earlier version with a slightly different list.

    1. I’ll have to check, but I think mine goes up to 2009. Doesn’t look like it’s updated annually.

      That’s a really good idea, though, and I might steal it!

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