In the holiday aftermath, there was still some fun to be had–Paul and I didn’t exchange gifts until the weekend. He got me some of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, a new Xbox controller (which is as much a gift for him since he plays Skyrim on my nice, new TV now), and Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking since he apparently forgot I preordered a signed copy months ago. But we just decided to go exchange it after dinner.

Dinner was Primanti Bros., as it so often is lately with him living so close to it. It’s relatively cheap, it’s nearby, and it’s good, filling food–although we should probably try to branch out more, especially living practically downtown with so many food options.

I exchanged the book and took advantage of a buy two, get a third for free deal at the time and replaced my long-lost copy of Into the Wild, plus picked up I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Saturday, we headed over to my parents’ to pick up one of my favorite grown-up gifts–a fireproof filing cabinet/safe that was a little too big and awkward for me to haul home on my own after Christmas. And then from there, we went to a party at Leah’s.

She’d told me from the start that it was gonna be a lot of kids from our graduating class, which worried me at first–I know who still lives nearby, and they’re mostly people I don’t want to spend my time with. But I forgot that it’s the holidays and most of the out-of-towners are home, so it ended up being a pretty good, big group of people, including Tessa and Marion. I obviously haven’t seen Marion in a long time, so that was nice. And Paul got nice and drunk and had himself a good time and we got annihilated at beer pong when Marion volunteered us to play, and both of those things are to be expected. I was happy we at least got a few balls in and didn’t get shut out.

I think most of the rest of the weekend was pretty lazy–we’ve had a few random warm days here and there, so we’ve taken advantage of those to go for nice, long walks. I do know our last one was about four miles long, so that’s nice. We also squeezed in a Hofbrauhaus triple date with us, Brandon and Kelly, and Jacob and Katie, which was fun. The four of them also went over to Phipps conservatory afterward, which I had to miss due to my final Inyourspeakers call, but my resignation is a tale for another day.

In the meantime, I warmed up to his gecko, Eddy. Or more like she warmed up on me. Paul’s been trying hard to get me to hold her, especially since he moved out and takes her out on occasion, and I’ve been a little too freaked out still because, you know, she’s not a puppy. Touching a cold, scaly animal is weird for me, and part of my apprehension was that she made me nervous enough that I wasn’t sure how I’d react, so I was afraid I’d make a sudden move and hurt her accidentally. And I did accurately predict that her little gecko claws would hurt, but I did handle her climbing all over me like a champ. She’s pretty cute, now that I’m used to her. She even climbed up on me while I was lying down and warmed her tummy on my tummy.

My mom just made of fun me and said it’s good that Eddy and I are bonding.


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