I’m losing track of what I did and when.

Paul and I went to Terra’s brother and sister-in-law’s place for New Year’s, where we got to meet and hang out with their new baby, who is the cutest baby all over my Facebook feed right now. Seriously. Adequate amount of chub, huge eyes, unruly dark hair, and wonderful, melodramatic facial expressions. She’s the cutest.

It was about as exciting a New Year’s as you’d expect from a baby and working adults–every single one of us was tired and ready to go home by like 10. We whined numerous times about New Year’s having to be so late at night, and when it finally did come, none of us stuck around much longer. Paul and I drove Terra there and back, and by the time we came back to my place, we’d both been awake going on 20+ hours thanks to our early wake-ups.  He fell asleep in the car and passed right back out again in my bed before I even got my pajamas on.

My dad’s birthday is December 30, so we celebrated a tad late with a trip to the casino just minutes away from my apartment. It’s a good thing I’m good at resisting the gambling urge, because that would be dangerous otherwise. But I had a good day of gambling–I actually came out a little bit ahead, and even if I hadn’t, the casino was running a special for new members where you got whatever you lost back in free slot play.

My family’s casino loyalties have been splitting lately–Brandon and Kelly are big fans of Lady Luck up in the mountains, but I think the owner of it is a raging dick so I refuse to play there, even though I’ve been told he doesn’t profit from it somehow. My issue is a family friend’s son was killed in a drunk-driving accident a few years ago when he was in high school, and the owner’s daughter was in the car. Now, there are rumors that because of who her dad is, her care was prioritized, but that’s never been substantiated. What really gets me is that the alcohol allegedly came from a little house she had on the resort property at like 16. Now, I can’t judge the girl for drinking underage and having a party, and I won’t. The issue has more to do with the fact that this continued after the accident, leading the boy’s parents to feel that she hadn’t learned her lesson, leading them to sue over the accident. And this is probably more the dad’s lawyers than him personally, but it’s such an epic dick move that I just can’t spend my money at his businesses–they countersued, saying the death was his parents’ fault because of bad parenting, basically, since he did what teenagers do and lied about where he was to drink at a party. Because, you know, parents are in total control of their teenagers at all times, especially in the senior year when they’re very nearly expected to take on more adult roles in their lives.


My family doesn’t like Rivers in Pittsburgh, either, because they all lose there. I don’t, probably because I play the same games over and over again. I leave without spending everything I had to gamble away.

Our outcomes at the Meadows seemed to be split, although I don’t think anyone lost major.

For my dad’s birthday celebration, we ate at the casino’s steakhouse. I got by with sides and seafood, but it was all really good. It was way, way out of Paul’s dining league–he’s used to being given a price limit on family dinners out, but my parents are fortunately able to do things like that and include Paul and Kelly both without much second thought. My mom’s reasoning is she’d rather do these things while she knows she can afford to, which is fair.


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