I know some people don’t like gift cards–Paul’s mom once threw a fit over them being impersonal gifts, and my mom feels the same but is at least willing to include them among other gifts–but seriously, it’s so nice to go out and not spend any money.

Paul’s aunts and uncles got us a few gift cards, although they were for places we don’t normally go. It had that vibe of “I want/have to get you something but I’m just not gonna worry about whether or not you’ll like or need it,” which was a bummer, but it was also an excuse to go places we wouldn’t normally without really having to pay for it. Like Panera Bread. We like Panera, but we think it’s overpriced. But does that matter when you’re using a gift card? Not much.

So we went there the weekend after New Year’s for breakfast one morning (then a week or so alter for lunch), then went to see Into the Woods.

Now, I had friends in high school who really loved the original musical, although I somehow never did get around to see it or listening to it. And there was a bit of online buzz about it, so I had high hopes, but I ended up being kind of let down. I enjoyed the movie, but I just don’t think it lived up to its hype. But maybe that has more to do with the natural stage-to-screen translation, where things are cut or changed or left out. I get the sense I’d enjoy the musical much more.

Paul was a little more critical and a little less forgiving, as is his nature.

And then snow rolled in for the early part of the week, and Pennsylvania did that thing it does every winter where everyone forgets how winter works, including the people who are supposed to be treating the roads. Because road-treating didn’t happen. So much for the New Year’s resolution of being slightly less late for work every day.


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