Friday Five: Inflation

1. What are your thoughts on balloons? They’re nice and fun, but I guess I don’t care much. I used to like to get them at this stand in the mall when I was little, though. They tend to generate static, which makes its way to my hair.
2. What has anyone said recently to inflate your ego? Things have been going really well with the writing group I meet with, and their response to my pieces is generally very positive. This last one, about when we went to see Bill Clinton in college, was declared a favorite by one of the others. It’s currently out waiting on a verdict for publication.
3. What’s something that recently let the wind out of your sails? My mom advising me not to wear a certain dress out dancing because if it’s short–and my ass is big enough that many dresses are–I could attract “the wrong attention.” Sigh. That’s not how rape works, Mom. I’m wearing the dress.
4. What inflatable items do you have in your home? I don’t think I have any! I used to have an inflatable chair, though, that was clear and filled with foam smiley faces.
5. Besides gasoline (because we’re all pleasantly surprised by that), what’s something whose price has been a surprise? Let’s just talk about those gas prices for a second, though–it’s down to $2.19 here. It’s been steadily dropping by one or two cents every day or so for a couple months now. It’s dropped over a dollar total. The difference now means that even though I drive a small car, the cost of filling up my tank has gone from one of my bigger expenses to a pretty minor one, around where it was when Brandon and I used to take this car into the city in college and I could put 10 bucks in the tank to be a good daughter and it would get half a tank, which was more gas than the trip even used. But as for a surprise expense, definitely my gas bill. Damn Major Energy got me in a deal last year where based on my usage, I qualified for a discount. Well, that must’ve just been temporary because my gas bill is now double what it used to be, and I’m trying to get in touch with people to see what I have to do to switch back to my original provider, since Major Energy’s website is useless.


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