Friday Five: Interruptions

  1. How regularly do you get interrupted at work, and how well do you handle it? Semi-regularly–my coworkers and I have a lot of fun e-mailing each other about what we’re working on. I generally welcome it because it’s usually an entertaining distraction, but if it’s the end of the day or I’m working late, I get annoyed, especially if it’s someone I don’t like as much.
  2. What was the occasion the last time a TV program you were watching was interrupted by breaking news? I’m not sure because I don’t have cable, so the only time I watch proper TV is usually at my parents’ house. And the last time I remember seeing a major news report–although I’m sure I have seen some since–was when we got Bin Laden. And I think we had the TV ready and waiting for Obama’s announcement anyway, so that doesn’t really count as an interruption.
  3. Whose flow did you most recently interrupt, and what was so important? Hmm. I have no idea. My best guess would be those work e-mails, and it was most likely not important at all.
  4. How easily does your train of thought get interrupted? Generally, not very easily–I can usually stay pretty focused and if something derails, I can circle back. Paul’s good for trying to change the conversation slowly and subtly if he doesn’t want to talk about something, and I’m really good at not falling for that trick and letting it happen. All that said, I absolutely have my moments of forgetting what my point was mid-sentence.
  5. What’s something in your life that could use some interrupting? My laziness. Ha.

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