Dancing Queen

I took a break from our lazy Blood+ binge weekends to go out dancing.

Terra and her mom volunteer for a local fire department, and January, they feature local disco/cover band Dancing Queen as a fundraiser. My mom and I went two years ago and had a lot of fun but missed it last year due to a snowstorm with the worst timing–I got stuck on a hill about five to ten minutes out and couldn’t make it up any farther, so I was forced to turn around and go the whole way home. The weather held out this year, plus Terra needed a ride from her brother’s place, so even if it had snowed, I would’ve been on a more well-maintained road.

I’m not sure if I mentioned her mom’s new boyfriend, who was kind of a surprise. When we were over last New Year’s, we played Apples to Apples and I won a round by playing a card for Terra’s mom involving divorce. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I remember it spun the divorce as a positive thing–which it was–and caught some new Navy friends of Scott’s off guard. I think she even made a comment about men and dating, yet and old friend from school popped up and they started seeing each other somewhere around the summer. At this very moment, they’re on a cruise together, which Terra’s brother Dom has been calling a “sex cruise.” Due to health issues, Terra doesn’t have a driver’s license. She was recently cleared to get it but hasn’t been able to, and her mom would usually drive her, so with her on her sex cruise, Terra has been staying with Dom and his wife to get to class.

Hence how I ended up being her chauffeur for the night, which also meant doing a little work for the fire department, too. Because I’m not gonna be a dick and drive a volunteer there an hour early then just sit around and not help out because I technically don’t have to.

Mostly, it meant following Terra around and doing whatever they needed, which was mostly just setting out complimentary popcorn.

My mom brought Brandon, Kelly, and our Aunt Elaine along with her, so once they showed up we got food and hung out a bit. And once the band started, we waited a few songs and then basically danced all night, which was super fun but exhausting, especially considering my mother goes swimming a few times a week and I intend to do yoga and rarely get around to it. The band played three short sets so I did get some breaks, which were mostly spent keeping Terra company at her raffle table. And tearing tickets for her.

I’m used to going to bed around 9:30, and by the time this thing was over, it was around 11, I’d been dancing since around 7, and I was ready to just go home, but I had to wait on Terra. I wasn’t crazy about it, but again, I’m not a dick, so I helped clean up, too. Those firefighters are efficient cleaners so we didn’t have to do much but collect and empty those complimentary popcorn bowls, but man were some of those nasty. Humans can be disgusting barbarians. I understand a few stray things making their way into those bowls, and I even understand repurposing them for chips since outside snacks were allowed, but we found one that had a whole beer poured into it.

Please, people, when you’re out, remember that whatever mess you make, someone has to clean it up. And I don’t care if it’s their job and they get paid for it–if you intentionally or even carelessly make a mess and do things like dump beers where they don’t belong, you’re a dick. Just because you’re not the one who has to deal with that aftermath doesn’t mean it’s okay to do. Show some respect and basic decency.

I took Terra home, lamented that my period had started, and passed right out, with Operation Binge Blood+ commencing the next day.

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