This weekend concluded our Blood+ mini binge. We kicked it off by going to Primanti’s, and as much as eating sandwiches every other week stuffed with coleslaw and French fries, it is one of our cheaper haunts–especially during happy hour. We’ll branch out one day, but when we’re hungry and want something quick and cheap, that’s our go-to.

And other than that, I just went to see a local production of Hair with Brandon and Kelly, which I believe makes that musical the one I’ve seen onstage the most, not counting Rocky Horror, of course. I’ve seen it three times now–twice on tour and once locally.

This local production was by a new theater company, not the well-known and established Stage Right. Nope, this was Split Stage Productions, and this was I think their first show. Their goal is to put on somewhat risqué productions that other local companies won’t touch. Their next one is The Full Monty, followed by a couple others I’ve never heard of before but sound really promising, like the musical Assassins, and I plan on trying to go. This make have a crash pad in the form of Paul’s apartment all the more convenient.

As for Hair, it was excellent. I always forget how much I love it–the plot of the stage version is much leaner than that of the movie, but the pacing is faster and there are tons more songs, which are its greatest strength anyway. It had the look of a local production, although the touch of screens being painted throughout the show by an artist onstage was pretty cool, but it certainly didn’t have the sound of a local production. Or even the acting quality. Every single person in that cast was excellent and put on an amazing show that earned them a standing ovation–and of course, no live production of Hair would be complete without a few tears from me.


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