We have the worst luck with getting to ballets on time.

Part of it was Terra not being quite ready when we picked her up, so note to self–allow for an extra 5-10 minutes, which can make a big difference sometimes. Part of it was also her dog, Lilly, knowing she’d have to go in her kennel when we left and hiding. A dog who normally comes running when you call her went into a dark room and sat very still and very quiet until we found her.

As usual with these things, they set off a chain of little, time-killing events. Our plan was to park at the casino then walk to the subway. The timing was gonna be very tight, and I was getting antsy because they don’t really hold ballets for very long, unlike concerts or musicals where if you’re five minutes late, they probably haven’t started. Nope, the ballets tend to be very punctual, as evidenced by last year’s late arrival to The Nutcracker.

We were supposed to meet up with Brandon and Kelly, but I was running late enough that I didn’t see any sense in making us all late, so I told them to go ahead of us and get the tickets, at least. With no parking at the casino, we scrapped that plan and decided to go straight to the theater and pay to park, which would be faster under normal circumstances. But first an accident backed up our lanes, and then my go-to garage was full, which only happens when i’m running late. And the other garage up the next block was full, too, which is when things turn into “I’m going to the first place that says ‘PARK’.” Fortunately, I found that pretty quick, but it was one of the sketchiest underground garages I’ve ever seen. The advantage was it was directly across the street from the theater, as opposed to a block or so away like my favored one.

We were only about 10 minutes late, but as predicted, they’d started. It was Beauty and the Beast, the Pittsburgh Ballet’s annual Valentine’s production, and we deduced through the program that we hadn’t missed much. That said, it was a really short ballet, coming in at just over an hour long not counting the intermission, so that 10 minutes was kind of a lot in the long run. But it was still a good, enjoyable ballet and we all had a good time and liked it, although I think I liked last year’s Swan Lake better.

Because I’m a nice person, I drove Brandon and Kelly back to their car rather than send them back on the subway, even though it’s free, and they agreed that our garage was sketchy as hell. Brandon gave me bedding I left at my parents’ and my mail, and we all went our ways. For Paul, Terra, and I, that meant eating. Our plans changed from Taco Bell to Mad Mex to Primanti’s–I promised Paul Taco Bell early on in the evening, then suggested Mad Max, then remembered Taco Ball would be far easier and promised I’d take him to Mad Mex some other time, then Terra decided she wanted pizza instead, so we went to Primanti’s. You’d think Paul and I would be tired of Primanti’s at this point since we’re there every two or three weeks, but nope. The second Terra said she could get pizza at Primanti’s, he was in.

Too bad the service was so slow that we spent more time there than we did at the ballet.

As for the rest of the weekend, we went to Mr. Gyro’s Friday night then for a nice, long walk Sunday when the weather warmed up–as in went above 50. That’s the threshold of where I’ll willingly go outside for a few hours, and we did get about a four-mile walk in. Four miles seems to be about the best we can do lately, which is pretty good considering we can’t go consistently in the winter. I’m pretty please that I don’t get too tired or sore, and we’d like to keep this up on a weekly basis in the spring and summer, hopefully with bonus visits to the local indoor pool.


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