Let’s Talk About New Year’s Resolutions Three Months Late

I feel like I’ve talked a lot about how I feel about resolutions on here before, so I’m not gonna bother this time. I will say this is three months late because life, man. Let’s just get to it.

  • Get to work on time, or at least slightly less late. So, no one has reprimanded me for my lateness, but I don’t like being late. The struggle here is just not hitting “snooze” for like a half hour every morning, which means part of the problem might be going to sleep on time. Although I do think it’s pretty likely that my body just doesn’t want to wake up to go to work, seeing as I can function on little sleep just fine and I can get up after a few hours of sleep just fine for other things.
  • Find a new job. This is conditional, though–if Paul and I either get engaged or decided to live together in Greensburg. I don’t want to get a new job, unless I switch to one near him, only to have to switch again due to marriage. So the plan is ow that I’ve updated my resume, look at jobs when I have some time and see what’s available. Go after any big opportunities or things close to Paul.
  • Get published. Okay, so, I technically already did this, but as a writer, I don’t just want one personal essay to my name for all of 2015. And I have submitted a lot more already than I did all of last year, so I’m moving along and making an effort.
  • Get a good writing app. Because I feel like it makes more sense to get one and use it to…
  • Assemble a proper manuscript. Ideally, I’d like to take anything that gets published, do some tweaking, toss it in a manuscript, then do some more tweaking so I have a coherent, cohesive essay collection.
  • Do more yoga, walk, and generally be fit. Fitness is good and healthy. This is also a lead-up to…
  • Lose five pounds. Terra isn’t happy about this one because she’s a good, supportive best friend who’s all about healthy body image and skinny people not losing weight, but a fair number of my clothes are getting tight. I just want to fit in them more comfortably.
  • Be a proactive friend. Okay, so, my issues with occasionally convincing myself everyone–with a few exceptions–hates me still creep up, but I’m trying to take a positive attitude. If someone doesn’t want to spend time with me or be friends with me, it’s on them to be honest about that and not go through the motions or keep up appearances. So I’m not gonna avoid people I like because I’m afraid they’re being disingenuous–if I want to spend time with someone, I’m gonna ask them to hang out. This mostly applies to when I’m hanging around Fayette County and have some free time.
  • Be a source of light and good in the world. I’ve been working on this for a few years. I have my moments, of course, but I’m trying to approach things with positivity and compassion, even in disagreements. Yeah, I’m still gonna argue politics and social issues on Facebook, but I’m gonna make an effort not to get personal, not to insult, and to stick to facts. And if someone gets personal and insults me…
  • Take no shit. Stand up for myself. Make very clear to people–as needed and when necessary–what I will and will not tolerate in terms of how I’m spoken to or treated.
  • Stop interrupting people. Paul and I do this to each other, and honestly, I think it’s because we both come from backgrounds/groups where we felt like we had to fight really hard to be heard, so we tend to interject what we have to say before someone’s done talking. We’re both trying to be aware of it and call each other on it. I do it with other people, too, and I’m making an effort to recognize it and stop it.
  • Eat less shit. I mean, I’m not happy with the eggplant pizzas I made today, but it’s better than a diet of pasta. This isn’t to say I’m gonna cut out my beloved pasta.
  • Cook more. Cooking is good.
  • Pursue any and all opportunities, within reason. If I really have a strong reason for not going after something, fine, but it’s got to be good and not an excuse. I may have taken on a lot and applied for a lot already this year, but I won’t necessarily get everything. And if I do end up doing too much…
  • Cut back on side projects. I’m at a good place right now, so this is conditional. I’m writing regularly for Examiner and AXS, I’ve applied for CBS Local and HelloGiggles, and the reason I updated my resume like a half hour ago was to apply for a freelancing gig with the Pittsburgh City Paper. I do not expect to get all three of those, but if I do, I’ll prioritize all the sites I write for in terms of importance and deadlines–City Paper would most likely be first–and then by pay.
  • Check in with my therapist. I meant to do it around Christmas. I need to do it.
  • Find a new optometrist.
  • Take advantage of the free, online medical advice from professionals my insurance company offers for little things. Like the fact that my ears have been popping and ringing on occasion, so I’m afraid maybe I have a minor infection or something.
  • Read, play guitar, travel, and have a general good time.

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