Nothing like car trouble to fuck up your weekend plans.

First, Paul worked pretty late–about a 12-hour shift–so our usual routine of me heading over then and us grabbing dinner (almost always at Primanti’s) was delayed. And then when he finally called to say he was done, I decided to mail a bill on my way over. But when I rolled down my window, the glass came right off the track, leaving me mostly unable to put it all the way back up or down–and the weather may be warming up now, but at the time, it was a crisp maybe 20 degrees or so, which is apparently what made the window come off track in the first place.

I called my mom, of course, who suggested I drive out there instead and take it to Toyota first thing in the morning. I was bummed to miss out on both Paul and Primanti’s, but it was the most logical plan, so I did it.

Brandon being at basic training means his room is now sort of my guest room, which is kind of nice. Definitely easier and better than either the pull-out or air mattress.

Other than getting the car looked at, I lounged most of the time I was there. This happened once before with this damn window, and I’m a little suspicious it was never reinstalled correctly because it’s always seemed a little unstable since then, and of course they claim it’s the exact same problem as last time and will cost about 600 bucks unless they can find the parts cheaper in a local junkyard.

The one good thing is they changed my oil, but an additional bad thing is that for the second time, they were supposed to honor my warranty on my windshield wipers that lost a hunk of rubber on the highway within a month or so of being installed, but they failed to fix them. On top of that, my mom’s been getting suspicious that since the dealership changed ownership, they’ve been swindling us and are charging us for work the car doesn’t need or that they aren’t doing. The car’s getting older and it has needed several hundred dollars’ worth of repairs its past couple inspections, so I’ve been talking about looking for a new one rather than do that every year, but we’ve come up with the alternate plan of getting my next inspection somewhere else and seeing if it ends up needing hundreds of dollars dumped into it there, too, or not.

After all that, I finally did make it to Paul’s, then we just met up at an Italian place in Greensburg for a belated birthday dinner for my mom, since she was in California on her actual birthday.

When we parted ways, Paul and I stopped at Best Buy to get me a modem since my tax refund hit, so now I can quit renting a modem from Comcast and save myself 10 bucks a month. Lower bills are always great, even if $10 isn’t a huge amount of money.

And then we just had a lazy Sunday. Paul baked cookies again. Good times.


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