Another personal essay of mine has been published, this time over at Neutrons Protons.

I like this one more than the first and i’m certainly proud of it, but this was a scary one to publish and promote, even though it’s only my second. This one’s a little more personal, dealing with my grandparents and not wanting to disappoint them, as well as some of my feelings surrounding my Craig departure–this took place a few months later. It’s one that makes me even more hyperaware of the fact that friends and family now have access to it and I have, for better or worse, invited them to not only come into my head but to talk about it, too. I’m a little relieved that it’s received little Facebook attention. I like to think it got buried in the feed.

Kimmie actually texted me about it, which is exactly the reaction I was afraid of, given that I also mention sex, drugs, and what I called in conversation with Terra “not godmother things,” but she actually took it like a champ and asked more questions than she did confront me or try to lecture me, which I appreciated.

Still, I don’t think I’m gonna show it to my mom until she asks, although I don’t think there’s anything in it that’ll surprise her.

Good thing I have an appointment with my therapist next week! I mean, would’ve been nice to check in before this ran, but as long as things continue at this pace, I should be fine.


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