Friday Five: But Seriously…

  1. What’s something most people just don’t take seriously enough? People younger than them, and I think people of all ages do this–myself included, especially when it comes to teenagers. And yeah, teenagers aren’t always super mature or super smart, but I remember what it was like to be sort of cast aside because you’re too young for so, so many things but you’re also not a child. I was so happy to hit 20 and officially be out of my teenage years, and I realize I’m not a fountain of wisdom now at 25, but when a well-meaning friend of my mom’s commented on how I still have a lot to learn and a lot to experience, that was really frustrating, too. I mean, she’s technically right and I know that, but it doesn’t mean I’m an immature idiot. It made me realize that not only am I still not being taken seriously and instead getting brushed off as not being as wise as, say, people in their 40s and 50s, but this is probably just gonna go on until there’s no one left on the planet older than me. And we all do it to each other, and it’s disrespectful and unfair. I mean, there are things teenagers understand far better than I do based on experience and there are things I understand far better than my parents based on experience, so why should we all keep undermining and disrespecting each other based on age?
  2. What’s something most people take too seriously? The internet. I’ll probably talk about this more later, but my mom was pissed that I posted my last personal essay that got published to my Facebook, in short because she doesn’t want family or her coworkers to see it because she feels it’s too revealing. I knew she wouldn’t be happy about some of the content, but I didn’t expect that. But my point is that I think she thinks people are paying way more attention to and care way more about their Facebook feeds than they really do. Given that it got little attention, I think it got buried/lost in the feed. Similarly, I’ve noticed a new trend where people think someone expressing an opinion counts as “shoving it down someone’s throat.”
  3. What kind of serious business are you up to today? My job, but I also got back into the swing of my AXS writing after spending last week either doing laundry or going out and having fun.
  4. When did you last get the giggles at a time when you were expected to be serious? It happens at work sometimes, but because we’re watching TV that is sometimes funny, random laughter is expected. I just try to stifle mine because even after like four years, I still think it’s weird. And Paul’s sister Emily did make me laugh over the weekend–Julianne had put in a Nicholas Sparks movie, Safe Haven, and Emily and I just aren’t romance fans and we heckled the movie the whole time. And then at some serious, climactic moment that was meant to make the viewer think a kid was in danger when we all know the kid’s safe but someone else will surely die because it’s Nicholas Sparks and that’s what he does, Emily just couldn’t take it seriously and burst out laughing, which made me laugh. That movie was awful, though. We accurately predicted probably like 90% of it thanks to cliches of both romance as a genre and Nicholas Sparks’ predicability as a writer, and the only thing we didn’t predict was this super cheap, pointless twist where the woman’s neighbor/friend in her new town turned out to be the ghost of her boyfriend’s wife, who of course had died of cancer and he’d struggled to move on. The only point that damn twist had was for Sparks to make himself feel good and smart for essentially tricking his readers.
  5. What are some foods you think of as serious, and what are some you think of as funny? I don’t know that I think of food as funny, but some are silly or reminiscent of childhood. Like, proper meals or exotic foods are serious, and cotton candy and hot dogs are silly. Or things like how my mom used to use butter in a squeeze bottle to put smiley faces on Eggo waffles when we were little.

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