Friday Five: Stitches

  1. Where on your body have you had stitches, and what were the circumstances? I never have! I was a pretty careful, low-key kid and haven’t had any crazy accidents as a kid. I’ve also never broken a bone.
  2. Who most recently left you in stitches? I’m not sure. Paul tends to make me laugh a lot, but this weekend, he’s been in a more bizarre state of silly.
  3. “A stitch in time saves nine,” says the proverb, which means that mending one small tear in a fabric now prevents having to make nine stitches later when the damage is worse. How has this been illustrated in your life? If I’d put shit away and do the dishes as I dirty them, I’d save myself so much time and effort and my apartment wouldn’t look like such a clusterfuck. The good news is I am slowly making progress.
  4. What are your thoughts on Disney’s Lilo & StitchI’ve never seen it! But Paul just told me earlier today that he thinks I’d like it, and he’s probably right.
  5. What experience do you have with needle and thread? I use them a lot, especially on things like fixing buttons on winter coats, which I desperately need to do soon–especially while the weather is warming up and I’m using the coats less frequently. I also patch little holes and tears in a lot of things when appropriate. I’d like to upgrade to a sewing machine and actually make shit one day, but I have nowhere to put it right now.

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