On Jobs and Working

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so I’m gonna have to spend some time playing catch-up. Fortunately, I’ve mostly been off having fun, but not always.

About two weeks ago, Paul lost his job–completely out of nowhere with no warning. Unlike when he lost his first job over a year ago, this was not performance-based. Instead, budgets got cut and a few other temps and other employees, including some who had been there for many years, got cut, too. Last he heard, the final count was 12 people gone. The best part is he’d put in a 14-hour day that Monday, worked some more overtime Tuesday, and a few hours into his shift Wednesday, he was told he and the others were have to go. And his actual bosses weren’t happy.

He handled it well initially, but knowing him like I do, I didn’t expect that to last, and I was pretty much right, although he definitely did better this time around. And it probably helps that the time between getting fired and finding a job was much, much shorter this time around.

About a week after he got fired, he had interviews set up with two companies, with some help from the temp company he was hired through before. He got offered one of the jobs this past Friday but was waiting to see how another interview went before he made a decision, and when they decided not to consider him for that job, he picked the other one. He goes for a drug test Monday, so I expect he’ll start within a week or so of that. He’ll be working about a mile from my apartment, so since he still has his lease in Greensburg until June, it looks like he might stay here during the week but movie his gecko, Eddy, in with me so she’s not neglected during the week.

The only downside is there’s a chance it’ll only be a temporary job of three to four months, but we’re hoping there might be other places for him to work within the company. Plus it’s really good money.

As for me, I’m involved in a new project I can’t really talk about, but I’ll say this–I’m attending meetings, which are giving me insight to how corporate America works, which I don’t really like. I’m talking people making decisions when they don’t know what people below them do day to day. It’s frustrating. My fellow coworkers and I feel like we’re not being listened to, and we’re also suspicious this will, in the long run, lead up to some big changes.

Like I’ve been saying for awhile, I’m ready to get out and move on. I’ve been putting that off for a few years now, essentially. There have been times where I’ve been biding my time to see what Paul does and where he goes, and then when it looked like it was safe for me to start exploring other opportunities, I was working for IYS and didn’t have the time. Funnily enough, I’d looked at job listings within maybe a week or so of Paul getting fired, and I naturally put my own search on hold while he did his.

Funny how he was told his degree was marketable and he was going into a stable field while I was told that I wasn’t, and now here we are a few years out of school and he’s getting ready for job #3 and I’m only just now starting to look at my #2. It still might not be the best idea if he’s only going to be with this company temporarily, but I feel like I should see what’s out there while I have the time for it. I did apply for some other side jobs, but either I didn’t get them or they’re taking a really long time to get back to me/make decisions.

I am looking forward to Paul staying with me. I’m hoping it leads to lots of Netflix, home cooking, and nightly walks. I’m also hoping I never have to feed Eddy her crickets or wax worms.


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