Booking Through Thursday: Carrier

Do you carry a book around with you? Inside the house? Whenever you go out? Always, everywhere, it’s practically glued to your fingers?

(And yes, digital books very much DO count as long as you’re spending time reading on your Kindle or iPad and not just loading them with books that you never actually read.)

I do! As long as I have my purse on me, which is almost always unless I’m out somewhere where my wristlet is more practical, I have a book on me at all times. I call it my “emergency book,” as I mostly only use it if I can’t entertain myself with my phone or if I need to kill more time than just a few minutes with an app, or even if I don’t want to spend that whole span of time glued to my phone. A good example is because the washing machines at my apartment are super unreliable (despite my frequent reports to maintenance), I ended up at a laundromat earlier this evening, where I read from my emergency book while I waited for my clothes to wash.

This also makes it easier for when I travel, even if it’s just to Paul’s for the weekend–I know if I want to read, I have something on me already. For longer trips, I’ll pack a spare in case I finish what I’m already carrying.

I also limit my emergency book to certain types–generally, small paperbacks only because they’re easier to carry, and preferably something I’ve already read before so I don’t forget plot or character details if I happen to go a long time between reading sessions with it.

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