My parents had tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera a few weeks ago and managed to not only not find parking nearby but get stuck in traffic so bad that they missed a significant chunk of the show, so they decided just to skip it. It reminded me of the time Julianne and her boyfriend got into a fight on the way to a Pirate game and just decided to leave after a few innings. Personally, I’d stick it out. At least missing only part of something isn’t wasting all of the money you spent on the tickets.

Anyway, my mom of course complained, and they were nice enough to offer her tickets to another show, although more along the lines of a small, local production as opposed to the big, national tour they missed. Her choices were Young Frankenstein or Peter Pan and she wasn’t really crazy about either one, so she asked me. Paul and I decided to go for Young Frankenstein.

Since the parkway was such a fucking mess a few days before, I decided I’d rather take my chances taking the longer route in the city to try bypass all the traffic, which sort of worked. Only trouble is we ate at the Chinese buffet first and I underestimated the time it would take us to get there, so between walking to the subway station and the unusual slowness of the subway to leave, we did miss the first few minutes of the show, which made me feel like a dick. I’m gonna keep experimenting, though–I’m definitely gonna keep taking the subway, but I think next time I’m gonna get off that alternate highway a little earlier and take the first exit I can off the parkway. The subway also runs to and from a mall about a half hour from my apartment, and although the downtown stops I usually use are free, I’d be willing to park at the mall and pay whatever it costs to take the subway the rest of the way in, because it’s probably cheaper and easier in the long run than battling parkway traffic and paying to park in a garage, especially when there are those rare occasions when the garages nearby are full.

We also took separate cars–Katie needed a ride back to State College, and Paul lives slightly closer to both her parents’ house and State College, so we decided to take two cars into the city, park, take the subway, drive back to his place, then leave from there Sunday morning. We would’ve liked to have had the whole weekend up there, but our tickets hindered that and driving two hours in the middle of the night probably isn’t the best idea. Even though I used to do it when I worked 11-7, sometimes later if I stayed to finish up work.

But the point is that Young Frankenstein–the musical, of course–was really good. It was a funny show with the same gags as the movie, pretty much, with a good bit just turned into songs. And of course, the highlight was “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

Paul and I were both really hungry by the time it was over, so we decided to stop at Primanti’s by his place when we got in. I was voting for checking out some places in the city, but he wasn’t too into it. And there are still some places I’d like to take him to and things I want to do in the city with him, but with the construction, I’m gonna avoid it as much as I can–this weekend, for example, the tunnels are closed. I’d definitely rather not deal with that.

And so we got in late then got up early, picked up Katie, and set out for a State College day trip.


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