Paul and I went to dinner with his parents a few weeks ago. They’d invited us over a week or so before that and we dodged for mostly legit reasons–although I don’t remember what, but I think it might’ve been the same weekend of my mom’s birthday–but this time, they invited us out before Geibel’s musical. I wasn’t too crazy about it, but I couldn’t see a non-douchey way to get out of it and I did want to see the musical. Plus they wanted to go to Meloni’s. So I obliged.

It was a nice night, actually. I think maybe his mom is trying to reach out and make nice–I just don’t like or trust her enough to budge much past cordiality. But everything did go well, with the minor exception of her asking about whether or not we plan to get married and her seeming to expect a bigger reaction out of me when Paul pretty much told me yes. I mean, I’ve known I wanted to marry him from embarrassingly early on in the relationship, and he’s already made it pretty clear that when he can afford a ring, I’m getting one. I’ve also made it pretty clear I don’t think we need to wait for a ring, but he kind of wants to go about it traditionally, so I’ll let him have it. But the point is marriage has been discussed between us plenty, so he didn’t reveal anything new or exciting. At this point, it’s more a matter of explaining–more and more often lately, too–why we haven’t gotten engaged yet. To her especially, there’s zero point in waiting if you know you want to do it. To me, I’m not in any hurry because whether or not I’m married to him doesn’t matter to me. In some ways, I think marriage is pointless.

But let’s not get into all that tonight.

Geibel’s musical was Legally Blonde, a movie I loved in my middle-school years and a musical I only caught parts of years ago when they did it on MTV. Paul’s sister Emily was in it, too, so we got her flowers and had a good time looking for her in the background, which was considerably easier this year than it was last year–maybe it was the lack of completely identical costumes and the fact that she has bangs this year, but she was so much easier for me to spot. And the musical itself was good. Good high-school quality and a fun musical itself, although because of some of the content, I was surprised a Catholic school not only chose it but that no one in the diocese shot it down. I mean, they used the words “sperm” and “masturbatory.” Back in my high-school days, we never could’ve even considered that as a show. In fact, for one of our shows, there was a scene where one of the girls changed onstage behind a screen–although she probably didn’t fully change clothes, being a high-school musical and all–and a parent saw it, thought it was too risque, complained, and it got changed. The week of the show.

The rest of the weekend was the usual. We checked out a new park in the area as a potential walking spot, but it didn’t really have any paths or good places to walk at all and is catered toward sports teams/events. The good news is there’s a pool there, and I plan to check it out this summer.

We did try Moe’s Southwest Grill for the first time, which reminds me of Chipotle in its sort of Mexican fast food that’s almost made to order and is higher quality than Taco Bell. And I know this is blasphemous, but I think I like Moe’s better than Chipotle. They had better variety, better vegetarian options, a really cool soda fountain that lets you add flavors into your drink, and free chips and salsa with every meal. And they had pineapple-cucumber salsa. I’m pretty new to the flavored-salsa scene and it’s something Paul introduced me to, but pineapple-cucumber salsa is a game changer for me and I’m willing to go there and just eat chips and that damn salsa as a meal if they’ll let me.

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