Easter was mostly nice.

I spent Friday night in for once and did some drinking and writing, which was nice, then met my parents at the outlets Saturday morning since my mom had some coupons to use. I got myself some nice, new clothes, an infuser pitcher, mojito lemon tea, and a few kitchen supplies–a vacuum wine-bottle sealer and an apple corer.

Then I came home, packed a bag for the weekend, and headed off to Paul’s, where I’d wanted to make progress on our ongoing Netflix shows (Attack on Titan, Arrested Development, Archer, and Bob’s Burgers), but I was really sleepy and ended up just taking a nap instead before my dad picked me up and we went downtown to see Stage Right do Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s been a few years since they did it, so I was glad to see it again. It was great, as their shows always are, and they even took a fun little creative liberty with King Herod’s song where they referenced Sia’s “Chandelier,” video included–they had a troupe of girls in nude leotards and blonde wigs doing all the dancing.

And after that was Easter. We went to church Sunday morning at 8, then I hung around while my mom did most of the cooking, which is kind of rare in our house, but she prefers to do it when it comes to Grandma’s recipes. She made Grandma’s rigatoni and potato salad, plus she did the mashed potatoes since she doesn’t like the way my dad makes them–and neither do I.

Aunt Gina and Uncle Richard stopped by for a little bit, bearing gifts of halupki and haluski, and Paul eventually made his way over and hung out for a few hours before we went to his grandparents’ house, which is always an adventure. This time, though, most of the extended family had gone by the time we got there. And his grandfather wasn’t feeling well, which led to him taking his pants off at some point, I guess–I was in the kitchen and he was in the living room, so I don’t really know–and his grandma yelling about it. I felt bad for him. He’s feeling sick and his wife’s biggest concern is how he’s presenting himself in front of company. I get not wanting your guests to see your husband in his underwear, but I also think that his health is of greater importance.

Still, it was one of the tamer visits, and it might’ve been for the best we went over so late in the day. We ducked out after a few hours, and Julie beat us to it and said they were breaking out not too long after we got there.

And yesterday, Paul brought Eddy over for both of them to stay here while he works right down the road.


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