Friday Five: Opposition

  1. What’s a current political or social issue on which you stand opposed? Honestly, just about everything Republicans are saying and doing right now. When I registered to vote at 18, I registered as Independent because at the time, I agreed with different things on both sides and felt that neither party had all the answers/solutions–and that bit I still do believe. But over the past few years, either my views have shifted enough or the Republican party’s views have shifted enough that I can no longer stand for any of their policies, with the Pennsylvania exception of the push to privatize our liquor stores. As far as I know, the backlash from that has been mostly Democratic due to the jobs that would be lost, although my argument is that whatever state jobs would be lost might just be made up for in private jobs if other stores are allowed to open or even if gas stations and grocery stores being allowed to sell alcohol means they need to hire more employees. But that’s a whole other discussion.
  2. What forces have worked against your efforts this week? Just the nature of the workforce beast–I’d love to actually leave work on time more regularly. I like the boost in the paycheck from my overtime pay, but I also like having a good chunk of time in the evening to enjoy.
  3. Would you rather have to climb a steep hill in order to get into your house, or climb a steep hill in order to get out? Probably to get out, because that’s when I’m less likely to have to carry stuff up said hill.
  4. In what way have you recently made things difficult for someone else? My dad kept asking me over the past few weeks if Kelly wanted to go to Steel City Con with us yesterday, and I don’t have her phone number and was gonna send her a Twitter message instead but kept forgetting. So I didn’t get around to it until yesterday morning, and it turned out she needed a ride because her car was getting worked on–after my dad had already left. But he hadn’t gotten far and was wiling to get her or have her meet him somewhere, but then he also talked my mom into going because he does’t think Kelly is very comfortable around him. So everything was kind of jumbled planning-wise for a bit.
  5. In what way has the “opposites attract” cliche been true in your life? My whole relationship with Paul! At least to an extent. I’m a firm believer that we’re not actually opposites. On the outside, sure–he dresses more conservatively and plainly, and I’m either in band tees and jeans or doing some weird goth/hipster/punk weird thing. He comes from a sheltered, straight-laced conservative family and my parents are a lot more relaxed and open about things. But at our cores, we’re actually really similar and have a lot in common, from our taste in movies and books to even our political views. I’m certainly the more liberal of the two of us, but he’s not as conservative as his family would like, for sure. And we both have the same ambitions. There are some nice opposites, though–I have more of a passion for life in general than he does, I get more excited about things than he does, I’m worse at math and science than he is, I’m a vegetarian and he eats lots of meat, he’s a cynic and I’m a (realistic) optimist, but it works. Really fucking well.

As always, from Friday 5.


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