Another good weekend.

Friday night, Paul and I packed up to spend the weekend in Greensburg. We’d planned on eating at Primanti’s, but we took too long to get ready and get out there, and we were heading over to Pitt-Greensburg for the annual Writer’s Festival alumni reading. So by the time we got into town–partially thanks to Paul taking the long way through downtown–we would’ve only had a half hour to eat. Normally, Primanti’s service is super fast, but it was in the middle of a Pens game–albeit a losing one–and I didn’t want to risk it. So we grabbed Subway then went to campus, took a brief stroll, then got situated for the reading.

And it was a good one, as always. My former professor Jakiel’s husband, Dave Newman, read, as did alumni Adam Matcho and a few other alumni. Maybe I’ll be among them one day. I mean, I had the option to, but I didn’t.

Past experience has taught me everyone usually goes out drinking after these things, especially when they’re one of the last events of the festival and on a Friday night, so Jakiela took a poll and a sizable group of us went to Headkeeper’s for beers. Paul and I spent most of that time talking to this guy Matt, who graduated I think about four years ahead of me, about all kinds of things. He was cool and it was really fun, and I love doing things like that and I’m really glad we went.

Saturday brought Steel City Con. After a little confusion, my parents test-drove a possible new car that it turns out they don’t need, thanks to the local Toyota dealer trying to rip them off on my brother’s car inspection, then picked up Kelly and met Paul and I. It was a good convention. I still think the admission is getting pricy, but I got cool stuff like lace gloves, handmade soap, and some comics, plus I met Noah Wyle of ER and Falling Skies fame and told him I’ve done the closed captioning for his shows at work. And he was super nice to talk to.

We then had dinner at my beloved Green Mango, which is pretty much the only restaurant I ever go to in Monroeville. It’s too delicious.

Sunday was lazy. Paul and I did make it to Primanti’s, making up for missing it Friday, then went for a nice walk on Greensburg’s trail. Paul’s decided not to renew his lease since he’s now working a few minutes down the road from my apartment, and I’ll miss hanging out so much in Greensburg in general, but I’ll especially miss easy access to a nice, safe, well-maintained trail. Not that we don’t have good places to walk in Washington, but Greensburg is better.

The warm, sunny weather was the perfect touch, too, and I’ve enjoyed being able to keep the patio doors open all evening for the past week.


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