“I am approaching the state known colloquially as ‘turnt'”

Last Friday night, Paul and I packed up and headed out to Greensburg to then head out to State College. We met up with Terra and Scott for dinner first, since he was home from the Navy. It was his last day in, and between jobs and Terra’s classes and Scott’s family visit in Ohio, it was the only day we could squeeze in meeting up with them. But we had a good time hanging out for a little bit, and it was good to see him.

The original plan for State College was for Paul’s college roommate, Ryun, and their friend Nick to meet us at Paul’s apartment–which Paul still has for the next month until he basically moves in with me. But they changed plans and decided to take a separate car up because Nick was planning on heading back Saturday to make it to a family function Sunday, but he ended up staying the whole weekend to hang out instead.

So Paul and I made the trip ourselves, and it’s a pretty nice drive from Greensburg. Simple, too–just over two hours, which is like perfect weekend-trip driving time, as far as I’m concerned. Three hours is a more solid chunk of time where you can get tired and antsy, but two is just enough that it’s a trip but doesn’t take a lot out of you.

We made it up and got to Katie’s apartment around 8 or 9, and then we took the bus into town to go drinking. It was my first time using State College public transportation, actually, because I always had my car up there, and it was kind of nice. Costs money, sure, but it’s convenient, especially with a big group like we had.

I also never really did a bar trip when Paul was still in school. We’d gone out to a few places we liked, but we never really did a bar hope. We started at the infamous Kildare’s, which I’d heard a lot about but had never visited. We had some food–I wasn’t too hungry so I nibbled on our appetizers and had a salad–and started our drinking. I got the delicious speciality cocktail they called Jameson and the Giant Peach.

Then the night was kind of a bust, in some ways–we’d originally planned to go to this nightclub, Indigo, but some friend of Katie’s was having a party, so we ended up in this little, cramped apartment with French students and Katie, Paul, and Ryun’s friend (and rapper/teacher) Ugo and some friends of his. And then we went to a house party with them and a friend of Katie’s who’d met up with us at Kildare’s. But when we got to the house party, Katie and her friend were really uncomfortable and kind of freaked out and insisted we leave. Now, I’m not gonna ask girls to stay at a party they’re not comfortable with by any means, but I did feel they completely overreacted. There was nothing about that party that suggested it was somehow sketchy and unsafe, but they acted like by hanging around, we were setting ourselves up for a gang rape.

So we ended up back at Indigo for like a hot minute before last call. It was a decent place, and I as much as I enjoy dancing, I learned from this weekend that I’m not as into the nightclub scene and much prefer the dive-bar scene. But it wasn’t until Saturday that we visited my beloved Zeno’s.

So we walked back to Katie’s, at which point I was sore from all the walking and completely worn out. By the time we got in and got to bed–after watching some Archer on Netflix and stopping at the store–it was about four in the morning and Paul and I were closing in on having been awake for 24 straight hours, given our usual 5:30 wake-up.


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