The weekend was pretty low-key.

I got my hair cut, which is nice because I prefer it short. Paul was supposed to get his car inspected but they ended up not being able to do the emissions test because they ran out of stickers for it, which is pretty dumb, so after hanging out and watching Bruce Jenner’s interview and doing laundry at my parents’, I met up with Paul and Emily for lunch at Fiesta Azteca. The rest of the family was out and about, and Emily didn’t really feel like being around with them, so she feigned a minor illness and got a free Mexican lunch out of it with us. Plus she’s my favorite and I’ve decided I need to make her my best friend, even though she’s like eight years younger than me.

Quick note about that Bruce Jenner interview, while I’m thinking about it: I thought it was well-done, respectful, informative, and of course so brave of him to do. It’s sad and cruel that comedians–including some I love–have used him as a punchline, and I’ll fight anyone who mocks him or disrespects him. And I can’t fucking stand the Kardashians.

Paul got me to head back to his parents’ house for a little bit while no one else was there, and is parents were headed off to Geibel’s fundraiser auction later on anyway, so even when they did come home, we didn’t interact with them very long. The perk here is this makes it seem like I’m not avoiding them outright, although I don’t even care about keeping up appearances anymore. In fact, Paul’s dad has said in the past to him that no matter what, they can’t let his mom know that she’s actually fucked her kids up more than she raised them well, and I’ve made it pretty clear that I have no intention of upholding that ludicrous lie should the subject come up.

Sunday, Paul and I hit the Chinese buffet in Greensburg, then went for a walk. I’m trying to push myself to go a little bit farther each time, but my little body wasn’t too happy with me for it. But it was probably good for me.

As for the future, this weekend brings a movie trip with Ryun with whatever group he has amassed, Frankie Valli in concert Sunday, Ben Folds Monday, and Tuesday I fly out with my dad for Brandon’s boot-camp graduation. I’ll be in Missouri until Friday!


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