Friday Five: Baby, It’s Spring

  1. How do you feel about the smell of babies? I’ve never really noticed it, unless it’s a dirty-diaper smell. In which case, it’s gross.
  2. Pretty much all animal babies are cute, but which are the cutest? I honestly can’t choose. I ridiculously overreact to them all.
  3. Veggies are pretty good in their adult form, but put the word “baby” in front of some of their names, and they can be transcendent. Which baby veggies do you especially love? Probably baby carrots, but as a child, I really loved baby corn. There’s an incident that’s infamous within the family where I used to get a little plate of veggies as a kid when we’d eat at the country club my grandfather belonged to, and my dad ate my baby corn because my dad has a longstanding tradition of thinking taking food from toddlers and very young children is funny. So I threw a tantrum, and being a child, I insisted I have that specific baby corn and not the replacement baby corn the waitstaff brought me. Because toddler logic.
  4. How cute a baby were you? Adorable! Especially in my toddler years, with my dark eyes, blonde hair, and dimples.
  5. How many songs in your digital library have the word “baby” in their titles, and which is your favorite? There are 80. My favorites are “Beating Heart Baby” by Head Automatica, “Blues for Baby and Me” by Elton John, “Bye, Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, “Four Score/Abie Baby” from Hair, and “Plug in Baby” by Muse.

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