A quick catch-up

Paul and I headed to Greensburg as usual Friday night, this time in separate cars so we could drop his off to get inspected. It was a necessary pain in the ass.

Saturday, we got the car inspected, went for a nice walk, and did some shopping–I needed a few more things for Mother’s Day, plus I splurged a little at Sephora and grabbed some CDs. We also hit the used book store and grabbed some gems. That place is great and packed full of books to the point that it’s almost overwhelming, but it’s only good to hit maybe once a year or so.

Julianne had texted us Friday night, but of course we didn’t get it until morning because we were asleep, but Saturday was Emily’s prom and she wanted us to go to Grand March and couldn’t remember if she’d told us about it or not. We decided to go, of course–Emily’s my favorite and I can’t say no to her, no matter how much I want to avoid their mother. But Paul wanted to keep it a surprise, so Julianne just played it like he never texted her back. But when she proceeded down, there we were! She looked so pretty, and she went alone and got to walk down alone. I was jealous–they didn’t let me do that for my junior prom when I went stag, but turns out the teacher just caved this time and didn’t care. Good, I say. Making the girls have an escort for Grand March is stupid anyway. The whole point is the dresses, and if the girls are going alone, let them walk alone. I was more bothered by having to find an escort–which ended up being my friend Katelyn’s boyfriend, who later broke up with her and came out as gay–than I would’ve been walking alone in my pretty dress.

Afterward, we went to Dairy Queen, then Paul and I went back to Greensburg and did laundry. And then I took a nap before we met up with Ryun and their old college friend Melissa for dinner and at Winghart’s and a trip to the new Avengers movie. And we were all a little drunk for the beginning of it, which was fun. And the movie was good.

Yesterday, Paul and I went for another walk–I’m aiming to use the trail by his place as much as possible before he moves out officially and in with me. The evening brought a trip to see Frankie Valli live, which was pretty damn fantastic. I almost cried.

And now, I’m hanging around and trying to do a little cleaning and packing before I go to dinner and to see Ben Folds tonight with Terra, then hope a plane tomorrow morning to go to Missouri for most of the rest of the week for Brandon’s graduation from boot camp with my dad. My mom expects us to kill each other.


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