The weekend was pretty nice.

Paul got sick, although he suspects he has allergies. We were originally going to go out to Greensburg, but he didn’t feel up to it and I didn’t, either, having flown home and rode almost an hour back from the airport, so we decided to see how he felt Saturday and Sunday and go from there. Turns out he never felt up to it until Monday, but the advantage to that was it got us out of an outing with his parents.

That was almost a shit show. After originally not having plans for Mother’s Day, his mom decided Friday night she wanted to go to lunch–out in Washington, under the guise of convenience for Paul and I. The problem was no one ever checked to see if maybe I had plans with my own mother for Mother’s Day, especially considering I do ask her in advance, and my plans were an hour away and an hour before this scheduled lunch. I was suspicious that it was an excuse to try to invite themselves over to the apartment since Paul’s pretty much moved in. Paul did call and amend so that he suggested either we eat elsewhere–like in Greensburg–but it ended up that we were going to skip lunch and just go visit the house later in the afternoon instead. All of it got scrapped when Paul got sick and called that morning to bail. And despite suggestions, and even my own suspicions, that maybe he was just bailing for the sake of it, he really did sound like shit and he really was coughing shit up. Never good.

So in the meantime, I carted over presents and some little things Brandon sent with me, like his boot-camp yearbook, professional photos, and some souvenirs to Meloni’s for a Mother’s Day special they were having that Mom decided she wanted to go to while Dad and I were still in Ft. Leonard Wood after she heard an ad on the radio. Her original plan was to go to the casino, even though when I asked what she wanted to do, she kind of shrugged and was like, “It’s just another day anymore.”

But our lunch was nice. We made a quick Target trip afterward, then I hung out at the house, Kelly stopped by to get the things I’d brought from Brandon for her, and then Mom and I went to visit with Kimmie and Aunt Barbara, our godmothers. Which was nice but brief–by then, it was already evening, and Paul wanted me to stop by his apartment in Greensburg to grab a few things and gather his laundry to do sometime in the future, most likely this weekend.

Meanwhile, Paul got hired permanently at his job in town! And while I’d love to just up and hunt for a new, nicer apartment, I have two months to do it and I’m not really feeling like hunting and settling for something if I don’t find something good.

So for now, I guess we’ll stay where we are and I may look into other jobs. And then maybe take the housing situation from there.


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