Friday Five: Vinegar and Brown Paper

  1. What kinds of vinegar do you have in your pantry? Just white distilled, and I’ve never even used it for cooking–it’s mostly for cleaning my humidifier, and some occasionally makes its way into the laundry.
  2. What was the last purchase you made that was carried home in a brown paper bag? Salsa earlier this evening at the farmer’s market!
  3. What home remedies do you swear by? A method I learned for helping unclog ears when I got really sick the summer Paul and I started dating–lie down on the good ear with a hot, wet washcloth over the bad one, with a cup pressed over it. The heat and moisture helps relieve the pressure, and it helped me out a lot when I didn’t have anything else to use for it. I also swear by things like tea and honey for colds.
  4. How many Jacks and Jills do you know? There’s little baby Jack, a semi-distant cousin with that number of times removed shit or whatever, and then there’s also semi-distant cousin Jill on the same side of the family.
  5. How would you rate your gift-wrapping skills? Horrible. Zero out of 10. I once tweeted that my gift wrapping looks like it was done by a one-armed toddler with a hook for a hand.

Almost a week late with this one from Friday 5!


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