Friday Five: Mail Order

  1. What is your most recently mail-ordered item? As in an item actually ordered through the mail? Hasn’t happened probably since my mom ordered stuff as a kid. But I do order stuff all the time online that is delivered to me via mail, the most recent being an aluminum wrap ring that says, “Expecto patronum.”
  2. What’s a catalog you’ve always wanted to order from but never have? I can’t think of any titles, but my mom gets a few interesting ones that have really fun things in them, from collectibles to clothes.
  3. What is physically the largest item you ever mail-ordered? My largest online purchase was probably my humidifier.
  4. What catalogs do you still receive in the actual mail? I get ones from New York & Co. and Victoria’s Secret. Used to get Delias, too. RIP.
  5. What are some obscure or unusual catalogs you’ve received? I don’t normally get any, but my mom has gotten some interesting ones with sort of novelty items.

As always, from Friday 5.


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