Booking Through Thursday: Books Into Film

What book would you love to see turned into a movie?

Every so often, I hear rumblings about movie or TV versions of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Sandman, and I’d really love to see both.

But I figured I’d turn to my Goodreads account and progress for this.

Lawrence Block’s A Walk Among the Tombstones got made into a movie–which I enjoyed and recommend for crime fans–but I’d like to see the rest of the Matthew Scudder crime novels get adapted, too. I didn’t read A Walk Among the Tombstones, in part because I’m trying to read the Scudder novels in order (I’m on the first, The Sins of the Fathers) and the older ones are really hard to find–but I like the way Liam Neeson played the character and I liked the way the film was done, and I’d like to see them work with the other books.

I also just realized why The Sins of the Fathers is called The Sins of the Fathers. Good job, Lawrence Block!

I’m also reading Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher and Bag of Bones, both of which have been adapted in some form, and both adaptations are said to be not very good. That said, I do still want to see them to see for myself how they turned out. I imagine Dreamcatcher is pretty disturbing, if done well, but could be pretty terrible in the wrong hands. And I can’t picture Pierce Brosnan as the protagonist in Bag of Bones, but hey.

Most of all, though, I’d be really curious to see how an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet would go, mostly in terms of cinematography. It’s a movie that could look great and just be great, but it would also be difficult to do well.

Oh, and of course I’d love to see a film version of my newest favorite, Tess of the D’Urbervilles.


One thought on “Booking Through Thursday: Books Into Film

  1. Considering how well such a setting can be portrayed in film (from “The Help”), I’d love to see “Like a Sister” by Daugharty. It would be phenomenal! PS, I saw Dreamcatcher on a double date in high school. I fell asleep and had to be woken to leave mid-way through to go bowling. This was so sad. I love King, and love, love, love movies. To this day, it remains the only movie I’ve walked out of the theatre on. (Only ever fell asleep again in the theatre to Puss in Boots). 🙂

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