Friday Five: Hectic

  1. How do you keep your cool when forces beyond your control mess up stuff that’s usually within your control? You know, I’m generally patient and good at going with whatever comes my way anyway, so I just kind of naturally keep my cool, I guess–I don’t really have any coping mechanisms or stress relievers set in place because I handle it just fine already. Plus, even in life in general, I try to remember, “This too shall pass.”
  2. When working with others, what’s one thing about someone else’s working style that might drive you bananas? Apathy, to the point that if they just don’t give a shit and clearly aren’t trying, I get frustrated, especially since I’m the kind of person who works harder in group projects because I know the consequences of my actions (or inaction) don’t just affect me. So I don’t take it well if someone doesn’t give me or the rest of a group that same consideration. But other than that, as long as the shit gets done and it gets done well, I don’t really care about someone’s working style, as long as it’s not, say, stubborn or ignorant to the point that things are incorrect or certain people’s skills aren’t being utilized out of jealousy or pride.
  3. In what kind of situations do you find it not so challenging to remain at peace even when most others are being driven mad? I touched on this a little already, but I’m pretty patient, so I deal with things well. Plus I hate conflict, so that makes me a little more likely to grin and bear it instead of getting frustrated and flipping out. I’m pretty good at not hating my job the way most of my coworkers seem to. They talk about shitty treatment like we’re working in a sweatshop, then there’s me saying, “But things are actually really good here.” I also handle relationship conflict calmly. I don’t start yelling at Paul or being passive-aggressive if we have an issue–I’ll be calm and straightforward and explain the issue, we’ll talk it out, and that’s usually about it.
  4. When you come home at the end of a long work week, which of your basic needs are you most likely to attend to first? On a daily basis, hunger. I immediately make something to eat, unless I’m gonna make something quick–then I wait for Paul to come home so we can eat together. I also unbutton or completely remove my pants, as well as sometimes my bra and contact lenses. If I didn’t make an afternoon bathroom trip at work or before leaving, I do one at home when I get in. On Fridays or holidays, I have an alcoholic beverage.
  5. What would be a good theme song to describe your week so far, and what song best summarizes your expectations for the weekend? Because my week are usually all the same and the weekend was the truly hectic bit this time, I’m focusing on that, so it’s “Man in a Suitcase” by The Police because we officially moved Paul out of his apartment over the weekend, with the bulk of the work being done yesterday. I’ll talk more about it later, but he had some stuff here, some stuff there, and now all of his stuff is here in boxes and bags, making this place a disaster.

As always, from the Friday 5.


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