Friday Five: Blithering Idiom

  1. On what topic did you last offer your uninvited two cents? I don’t know. I was originally going to say on political/social issues or pop-culture commentary on Facebook and Twitter, but no opinion on the Internet is truly uninvited, is it? Comment sections, for better or worse, exist for people to express their opinions. Reminds me of a woman who got angry about Amanda Palmer responding to the woman’s tweets about her–the woman insisted that it was like interrupting a private conversation in a public place and tossing in your opinion, but I disagree. I disagree so hard. If you’re talking about someone on social media, it’s not a private conversation. If anyone else is welcome to join, then that includes the person the conversation is about. I doubt she would’ve made the same argument to people she didn’t know or people who didn’t follow her chiming in to agree with her. Anyway, I haven’t really done this in person, either, because I’ve been engaged in mutual conversations and I haven’t given any unsolicited advice or anything.
  2. What situation this past week most resembled a three-ring circus? Work. One day, after I’ve found another job (which will hopefully be soon), I’ll comment on it at length, but one person was fired, four were disciplined for somewhat related things, and I (and probably other coworkers) are indirectly in the middle of it.
  3. When did you recently give someone the four-one-one? I filled terra on in things about Paul’s mom. She’s in grad school for psychology, so she’s been our unofficial professional-ish source.
  4. What were you in the middle of the last time you took five, and how did you spend the time? Paul and I hiked in Ohiopyle yesterday, and despite normally being able to walk four miles, an actual hike through woods involving uneven terrain and climbing over things wore me out pretty well after two. We stopped once or twice to sit on some big rocks and drink some water.
  5. To what did you last give the deep six? Recyclabes. My apartment is full of ’em, and I rarely get opportunities to drop them off anywhere. But Paul and I had an eventful day yesterday in good ol’ Fayette County, and the local Penn State campus has big bins up and is maybe not even five minutes away from my parents’ house, so we dumped a bag of plastics in there. Next to go, as long as I remember to do it, is old food in the fridge when I take the garbage out before I leave to get groceries.

As always, from Friday 5.


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