Now that Paul’s lease is up and he’s all packed up and moved into my apartment–not counting the stuff we’ve left in his car out of combination laziness and lack of space for the moment–we can spend our weekends actually doing stuff instead of packing and cleaning. And because he’s been talking about it for weeks, we made our first trip up to the mountains for the season.

My parents are leaving for Brandon’s AIT graduation in about a week, so my mom wanted me to come over for one last lesson in how to give Duke his insulin shots, since I’ll be staying over there and doing it. I’ve been shown how to do it, but this time, they wanted me to actually do it myself. It gave me performance anxiety, mostly because I was nervous about doing it right, for one–his dosage, making sure there are no air bubbles, etc.–and because I feel bad about having to jab him with a needle, even if it is small and even if he does need it. But now that I’ve done it, I do feel prepared to handle him for two or three days next week. And of course, I’m looking forward to the time off and hoping that the final day on the schedule at work, Friday, is slow enough or opens up so that the day gets approved.

I also tossed some towels in their washing machine, and someone kindly tossed them right in the dryer when they were ready while we were in the mountains. I think Paul feels kind of weird about carting laundry to do at my parents’ house for free, but they don’t mind. My mom actually likes doing things that save me money anyway.

The drive of the mountain from my parents’ house is pretty quick and easy, and we were up there by about 10–a little later than we’d wanted, but still a great time to get up there this time of year before the crowds move in. We were able to get a great parking spot and pretty freely hike through the woods on the trails with few other people around, with the exception of a poor family who most likely heard me declare that nature hiking made me horny. I thought we were alone, when lo and behold! A hiking family emerges from the woods.

Paul wanted to hike longer and farther than we did, and normally, we–or more accurately, I–can walk four miles on nice, even ground. But climbing over rocks and hills on just a little trail in the woods did me in after two, so we stopped back at my parents’ grabbed our freshly laundered towels, and went to lunch at Fiesta Azteca, which was great.

From there, we went to a craft show Julianne’s job was hosting. She was selling candy and their dad was selling these really nice, handmade cutting boards, and I would’ve bought one if my mom hadn’t bought me a nice, big bamboo cutting board just this past Christmas.

We didn’t really buy much, other than a Far Side book at a mini flea market they had set up. We did stop by Paul’s parents’ house, after he originally said he didn’t want to go, but he changed his mind in part to just keep the peace since we were already in town. So we hung out for a few hours, and his mom seemed to be doing better–a bit more with it this time, if you will.

As for my Monday off, I once again slept until 10 and then got various shit done, including sending in a resume for a new job.

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