Booking Through Thursday: Magazines

What magazines do you subscribe to? Personal ones? Professional ones?

Or do you only/mostly pick up your periodicals at the newsstand?

How do you feel about digital editions versus print?

Do you save the old copies after you read them? Or promptly recycle them?

So, I don’t actually subscribe to anything, but I do have magazines I enjoy reading online sometimes, pretty much exclusively music-related–Paste, Rolling Stone, and Spin are the big ones I can think of that I follow on Twitter and Facebook. I used to be an avid AP reader back in my pop-punk heyday, but that’s a scene I’m mostly out of these days, so I only pop in on occasion if they run something of interest to me.

I used to buy the occasional issue on newsstands, especially if the cover featured someone I was a big fan of, but that’s a habit I’ve fallen out of. My reading tends to be exclusively online, which is kind of strange given how many times I’ve said that I prefer print books. I guess I technically prefer print magazines, too, it’s just that buying them doesn’t make sense in my life right now–don’t need the extra reading material, don’t need something taking up space, and don’t need something else to spend money on. That said, maybe when I get this place cleaned up a bit, I’ll take to browsing newsstands when I’m out running other errands.

And part of the reason I have little space for magazines is because I did used to save them, mostly ones featuring my favorite musicians. Now I’ve actually got small stacks I’m listing on eBay and Amazon, as a matter of fact, because although sometimes it can be tough to make happen, magazine back issues do sell. I guess I could recycle them, but why do that when a fan somewhere of the cover star is willing to pay me to get rid of them?

Magazines are great, though, no matter what. And you should all read some.


One thought on “Booking Through Thursday: Magazines

  1. I read a lot more magazine articles online than I used to, too. Since I started using Pocket, I’ve been keeping up with more and actually reading a lot of them. I don’t feel so bad about cherry-picking interesting headlines when I don’t have to flip past anything else to get there!

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