Friday Five: Alt

  1. A sandwich is usually some kind of ingredients between slices of bread, but what’s a great sandwich that has no bread at all? Ice-cream sandwiches. Of any kind.
  2. A salad is generally thought of as a mixture of fresh greens, but what’s a great salad whose main ingredients are not veggies? I’m a big fan of fruit salads, and I made a real good one a few summers ago that had mint and like rum or something mixed in it.
  3. Juice is usually the liquid squeezed from a fruit or vegetable. What’s a juice you enjoy that isn’t? Only one I can think of is Jungle Juice, which did me in at my 21st birthday party thanks to having an entire handle of vodka in it. It tasted great because of everything else that was mixed in it, but it was potent and it was easy to forget that. Between that and the Smirnoff Ice drinking game Bros Icing Bros, I threw up a lot that night.
  4. Milk is usually the food that a mammal produces for its young. How do you feel about milk alternatives that aren’t animal-produced? Not too long after I became a vegetarian, I decided to try soy milk. I didn’t dislike it, but I also satisfied enough by it and wasn’t committed enough to cutting out milk that I didn’t really try it much after that, other than maybe having a bit with cereal if I was at Meri’s place or if she had some. But I think they’re great alternatives for people who don’t want to drink milk or can’t.
  5. A staple is usually some food that forms the basic constituent of a cultural diet. What’s a staple in your diet that doesn’t exactly fit that definition? Pasta.

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