I’d like to do one of those “26 thoughts on turning 26” type posts, however cheesy they may be, but I might save it for another site. I was in talks with HelloGiggles regarding a piece I wrote about turning 25, but I haven’t heard back from them in a while.

But at any rate, 26 was a really good, nice birthday. Woke up, got my presents from Paul (tee shirts and a book), and hung out for a bit before meeting my parents and Brandon and Kelly in town for lunch. We went to Fusion, the Japanese steakhouse that I’ve been wanting to try since I moved here like three years ago. It was your typical hibachi place but still good, although my pad thai was to spicy for me to handle all of. Which is where Paul comes in handy, because there’s no such thing as too spicy for him and he’s a human garbage disposal. He also finished some of Kelly’s food. Plus I got a free dessert!

Then we went to the casino, and I was doing really well at first–I kept winning a good bit of money and probably should’ve just quit as soon I started losing. But gambling money was my gift from my parents, so I didn’t feel too bad about it, and behaved just enough so that I didn’t spend all of it. And I did get back up a tiny bit, but I lost it again when the gambling bug bit me watching Brandon play a wonderful Batman slot machine. He ultimately won $200.

We ended up being there a few hours in the end, and my mom wants to head back sometime for the horse races. In the meantime, I was also gifted with Wizard of Oz scratch-offs, which won $10 each. My mom tells me there are still winning tickets for $300,000 floating around, which is tempting me to buy more scratch-offs when I normally don’t bother. Yep, I think playing the lottery is pointless, but I loves me some slot machines.

Paul and I then went off to cash in said scratch-offs, when we decided might as well do the week’s grocery shopping while we were already up there. And while we were at it, I decided I wanted a Rita’s frozen-custard cake, but they ended up being sold out. We got ice-cream cookie sandwiches instead.

And then we came home and had great birthday sex.


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