Booking Through Thursday: The Other Side

What do non-reader friends think about your reading habits? Do they understand? Are they sympathetic? Or are they always trying to get you to “get your nose out of that book?”

I don’t really have non-reading friends! I have friends that aren’t on my level of bookworm, but none that dislike reading or don’t understand the appeal of it for others. And I’ve never been discouraged from reading by anyone ever.

But what I do get is awe about how many books I read at one time, and I’ve talked about this before–including the book I keep in my purse in case of a reading emergency, I’m currently reading 11 books. I’ve done this since I was a kid. I fell out of that habit in college and aside from required readings for class, I had it down to just one or two books but somehow in the years since fell off the wagon. So when people find that out, they’re generally impressed that I can read that many books at one time without getting confused, and recently, some coworkers suggested I try to find a way to market this skill. So employers, if you need someone with an English degree and writing experience who can read many books at a time and keep them all straight, I’m your girl!

My boyfriend has a slightly different reaction, though, especially now that he’s living with me. He insists that it would make more sense to read a smaller number of books at a time and therefore devote less time to trying to read them all per day and therefore finish them faster, and he is right, but old habits die hard.

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