On Monday, we pretty much just got up, got our shit together, and drove home.

We made one turnpike pit stop, got some drinks, and my mom decided to play to the lottery because that’s what she does and she likes playing in a variety of places when possible. She’s also given me a few of those Wizard of Oz scratch-offs as gifts and I’ve hit on about half of them, albeit for only like 10 bucks every time. And I wouldn’t have bothered to play beyond that, but one of the prizes is $300,000 and she heard some of those winning tickets are still floating around. So I played. And I did not win $300,000, but I did about break even.

We got back just in time for me to be able to gather up the laundry I’d left behind and head right back out the door to get my car’s brakes looked at. My mom insisted something sounded off with them and I insisted they’ve sounded like that pretty much forever, but to avoid months of, “Did you get your brakes looked at yet? You better, because the longer they go, the worse it’ll be to fix,” I scheduled the appointment. And I was right–nothing wrong with my brakes. Sure, I had to pay for them to look at it, but 20 bucks is a small price to pay to shut her up. And put her mind at ease, I guess.

On our drive home, Brandon got a call for a job interview. And then as he was discussing scouting out the place and buying a suit, he was like, “I think I’ll ask propose then.”

So basically my brother proposed to Kelly on Tuesday, she said yes, and of course he neglected to tell me or my parents when it was made officially, so I found out on Facebook.

And that’s the story of how my brother became engaged to be married.


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