I’m so glad I took today off.

Back when I did my first couple of weekend rotations, I wouldn’t take the Monday off after my last Saturday. Rotation starts the first Monday of every month, so when it’s your turn, you get that first Monday off and go back to your regular schedule the first Monday of the following month, meaning you get a three-day weekend at the beginning and a one-day weekend at the end. My supervisor told me the first time that most people just take that Monday off to give themselves a proper weekend, and the first couple times, I didn’t bother because I really didn’t care.

But now, as I’m burning out and getting bored and on the job hunt, I need that day. And despite a holiday weekend–albeit it a weird one for me where I was off Friday the 3rd but not Saturday the 4th–I did need it. I had a fun but busy weekend, so having this day to be lazy by myself is nice. Plus I got my annual merit increase, which goes into effect today, so I’m getting paid extra to be lazy by myself.

I dragged Paul out shopping Friday. I needed a book for a baby shower, which is a cool idea–book instead of a card. I’m all about that, and even though my mom and I went in together on a more expensive gift, I insisted on getting separate books, because why not? So my contribution was The Little Prince, which went over well, as the mom-to-be had read it and liked it as a kid. I read it and loved it as a teenager in French class.

Of course, I did shopping for myself, too–Julianne gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card, so I spent that, and then I tackled some of my Sephora wish list in the form of Marc Jacobs’ newest perfume and Urban Decay mascara rejuvenator stuff that allows you to touch up mascara at the end of the day, which is great. And South Hills Village put in a Lush, which sells vegan bath products and makeup and doesn’t do any animal testing, so I was pretty excited. But because I have too much makeup and handmade soaps and such as it is, I started small and just bought one of their lipsticks, which turned out to be the softest, smoothest thing that’s not handmade lip balm that I’ve ever put on my lips. It feels so good! I also got some shirts and things at Target, and we did lunch at Red Robin.

We also made a trip to Babies ‘R’ Us to try to find my mom some sort of baby Snoopy thing for the shower, but I couldn’t find anything, which is surprising. And then we squeezed in a trip to Half Price Books because Paul’s looking for some books on chemistry and things to brush up on for work, and since I already bought books earlier in the day and snuck off to get him a gift card for his birthday later this month, I behaved and only picked up a copy of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience–the illustrated version I’ve been looking for forever. I have no idea why that’s not a more common thing.

From there, I hung out in the evening while Paul went out with his friend Marc, then he came back to pick me up to feast at the Chinese buffet with Marc and his girlfriend.

And after a day of work Saturday, my Independence Day weekend began.


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  1. I always give books at baby showers, despite my insistence that men do not belong at baby showers. I go because declining is too messy. One of my best friends, in the thank-you card he wrote me, said, “You’re the only one who wants my son to grow up smart.” 🙂

    1. Ha! It’s an idea I’ve only seen on Pinterest up to now–this is the first baby shower I’ve gone to as an adult–but I love it, and I’m absolutely gonna request books when I have my own kids.

      Not that they’ll need any help building a library with me as their mother.

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