Father’s Day weekend, I told Paul I was betting that the night before, we’d get a call or a text from a parent or a sibling with spur-of-the-moment plans for an event that we couldn’t make because we already had plans–basically, the way things always happen with his parents. I ended up being wrong. But we made the same prediction for the weekend of the 4th.

He texted me while I was at work Saturday and said, “New record!” His mom called at 10:45 to invite us to an event at 1. Keep in mind we live about an hour away. And of course, we already had plans with Terra, which ended up being a fun time.

She invited us out to a picnic with the fire hall she and her mom volunteer with, and of course they had plenty of delicious food and alcohol and adorable dogs. And even though it was the first official 4th of July outing I’ve gone to in years, it was super low-key–we pretty much just hung out, ate, and drank, but it was nice. I liked that. Terra gave us souvenirs from her anniversary trip to Disney, and we made a brief journey to her house to feed the animals.

We ended the night with fireworks, of course, and it was like all of McKeesport bought the big illegal ones and was setting them off in their yards. The main display in the park lasted a full half hour, which is a bit too long for fireworks for my tastes, and in the end, all of McKeesport was covered with a smokey, American haze.


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