Sunday brought a baby shower for a cousin.

Most women will tell you they hate showers. In fact, I recently read and shared an article all about why bridal showers are terrible and we should stop having them, but I have to admit that baby showers are kind of an exception. A bridal shower comes with the understanding that you’ll be buying a gift for that and then buying another gift for the actual wedding. A baby shower does not. Babies are also kind of a bigger deal. And babies are expensive, so showering the new mom (and dad) with gifts to help out is really a great idea. Throw in Meloni’s and a cousin who’s not crazy about typical baby-shower games and bam, you’ve got a shower that’s pretty nice and straightforward.

We only played one game, and it was a word search in honor of Grandma Pawski, who the baby is also being named after. Other than that, it was all food, hanging out, and opening cute presents. And they did the thing where they set a timer while presents were being opened and when it goes off, whoever’s gift is being opened wins a prize. It’s a nice way to do away with games no one even likes yet still keep things interesting and give your guests a chance to walk away with something, too.

I also walked away with leftover cupcakes and some of Aunt Gina’s homemade cookies.

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