Sometimes, Paul gives me a bit of a hard time for being so set in my routines, and I can understand why–I have a very regimented approach to my evenings that helps me to juggle both leisure activities and responsibilities/important things like writing for AXS and Examiner or job hunting. When I was still with Inyourspeakers, they were fit in, too, and prioritized, of course. And it works perfect for me. It’s not so perfect for Paul, who thinks it’s a little too structured but can handle it.

Honestly, I don’t know that I could do things differently if I tried. I’ve been approaching everything with a method I’ve been using since high school–I allow myself time for one fun thing, like dicking around online or reading or Netflix, and then I do one important thing, like an article or a job application. It’s always been a way to balance fun and work. I even have a certain order in which I do what. And I can see why for someone who’s never truly seen it in action, it can be not just weird but a pain in the ass. Fortunately, Paul only gets a little cranky about it on occasion. He made a comment last week about something not fitting into my schedule, and it was one of those things where even though it had a little sting to it, it had way more truth.

But I did break out of the routine last week–twice. First, we went out to dinner. I’d asked him if he could make dinner all week while I was working mandatory overtime, since he’d be getting home before me in that case. The plan was to make baked potatoes, but my farmer’s market potatoes I was so looking forward to trying went bad surprisingly fast and all needed tossed out. So he wanted to go out instead, so we did.

That same night, we skipped the farmer’s market in favor of the opening night of Washington’s Whiskey Rebellion Festival. Apparently, the Whiskey Rebellion has been named among the top five historical events no one’s ever heard of, and it’s pretty self-explanatory–the government decided to tax whiskey, so the good people of Washington rebelled. For three years. Until George Washington sent 13,000 troops into town. And Washington celebrates this every year now, starting a few years before I moved in. I’ve spent a little more time in town for the festival each year, although I’m bummed I missed out on the food and vendors this year.

But part of opening night is a free concert downtown by the Washington Symphony, who I’ve been meaning to check out but keep forgetting exist. A free concert within walking distance is a good reminder, so off we went. And it was a great show. Given the event, they played plenty of patriot music, including “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” but they also threw in a gorgeous Beatles medley and closed with one of my favorites, the “1812 Overture.” Complete with gunfire from re-enactors. The whole thing was really cool, I loved it, and I look forward to checking out the rest of the symphony’s season.

And because the weather this summer has been abysmal, we walked back in the rain.


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