Friday Five: Looking for Alasa

Oh, hey, I’m actually reading that book right now! I’m near the end. Maybe by some miracle, I’ll finish it this weekend.

As always, from Friday 5.

  1. Alaska’s motto is “North to the future.” Where’s somewhere north you’ll be traveling some time in the future? I have no plans set to travel north, although I would like to. I want to go pretty much everywhere. It’ll happen one day.
  2. Alaska is the westernmost of the United States. What’s the farthest west you’ve been in your country? St. Louis, when I went to Brandon’s boot-camp graduation. Bonus answer: the farthest west I’ve been out of my country is our trip to Playa del Carmen.
  3. Alaska’s state flower is the forget-me-not. What’s something you really need to remember to take care of before the weekend’s up? I already paid one of my almost-due credit-card bills, so that’s not an issue anymore. I really should sign and mail my new lease, though.
  4. Alaska has cities named Chicken, Beaver, Pelican, Eagle, Badger, and Bear Creek. What place names near where you live are named after animals? We have a Beaver, too! And a Turtle Creek, Squirrel Hill, and Bear Run. Out near where Terra’s family camps, they have Beartown Rocks, which Paul loves.
  5. What’s something interesting you know about Alaska? I know here’s a lot of TV shows about people living off the land or mining gold. And this isn’t necessarily about Alaska as a place, but they have a lot of moose up there, and I know moose can actually be pretty dangerous because they’re super territorial. On some of those aforementioned shows about people living off the land, some people have expressed a greater fear of moose than they have of bears.

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